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Food and Beverage industry

Food and Beverage industry

Fossilcote floors are a HACCP certified line of antimicrobial enhanced polyurethane and epoxy seamless floors. They are suitable for use in industrial kitchens, bakeries, and dairy plants. They are built to withstand thermal fluctuations. These floors come with different textures and thickness that can be matched according to your needs. They also have a low odour absorbency, are anti-slip, and contain an anti-microbial agent which allows your floor to be bacteria and mould proof.

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Auto Dealership/Garage

Auto Dealership/Garage

In auto dealership and other vehicle showrooms, floors set a great foundation for the sales. Walking through the showroom door, the customers expect to see brand new cars displayed on elegant and pristinely stunning floors. Such a combination inspires passion among the car enthusiasts as well as average consumers. With Fossilcote epoxy flooring system, auto dealerships can let the buying fever begin. It is unfortunate that most floors in many showrooms on the market are less than ideal. Most of these floors are hard to keep clean and bright. Moreover, many of the auto dealerships and showrooms offer minimum or no slip resistance which is a genuine hazard.

Fossilcote offers the right epoxy flooring that transforms your ordinary concrete floor into a luxurious surface with a beautiful finish that aesthetically sets the tone for the room while at the same time providing the desired protection and functionality.

If you would like a garage or repair shop that looks good and tired of smelly concrete floor that soaks up grease and dirt that are difficult to clean, Fossilcote Limited is only one call away.

We hereby guarantee you a complete service, starting with carrying out any necessary repairs or refurbishments through to protecting and decorating the existing wall surface to achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish.

You can trust all our products to do the job you need them for, and in most cases, they last even longer and perform even better than what the product guarantees say. Our cementitious wall coating is a convenient and practical way to beautify your home, reduce wall maintenance costs, and instantly boost its curb appeal. It is a thick, architectural coating that is suitable for residential, commercial and many industrial applications. Fossilcote cementitious coating can be applied to a variety of surfaces at a much affordable cost and puts an end to the hassle expense of painting.



Image 1: Sample cementitious wall coated House

cement paint (002)

Image 2: Sample Fossilcote Cementitious coating for Exterior Walls

We are fully recognized, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with our own fully trained, professional and highly experienced installation crews.

In the coating industry, it takes a long time to build a good reputation and a short time to lose it. You are only as good as your last job, and ultimately our customers settle the balance when they`re happy after the work is completed. You can`t say fairer than that.

Why should you choose Fossilcote Cementitious Coatings? All of our coatings are flexible, breathable and are able to deal with damp problems. We provide a like for like “price beater” service. We cater to customers in the larger Africa. Our coating systems will not chip, crack, flake or peel. We are an approved contractor. We have extensive experience in this field.

We at Fossilcote understand that cost is high on the list of priorities when deciding to embark on any home improvement project and so we not only pride ourselves on the high standard of our craftsmanship but also on the value for money that our services represent.

We actually go further than that by providing quotations, not estimates, which ensures the agreed price will not change and so our customers are protected. We are confident we can provide the best value external wall coatings, so we can offer to beat any like-for-like price you are offered.

While contractors continue to face growing concerns regarding a shrinking workforce, tighter production schedules and increasing environmental regulations, along with the fact that paints, coatings, mortars and floor coverings are becoming more difficult to remove or repair, Fossilcote Limited, a leading manufacturer and installer of epoxy flooring system  along with the cooperation of our worldwide network of dealers and users, continue to improve our services and introduce new and innovative tools, for existing surface preparation to enhance  the quality of our service production. See the photo below taken in South Africa where Fossilcote skilled floor installation experts are inspecting and adjusting their newly acquired grinder machine.

south Africa pic 1

Our dedicated team strives to be, not only knowledgeable about the surface preparation equipment that we use, but also understand our customer’s needs and requirements. Here at Fossilcote Limited, we are willing to prove the value of our tools through demonstrations before we set forth with our work. With our continued commitment to customer service, and the improvement of our services, Fossilcote Limited is positioned to forge ahead, impacting this growing industry. If you are an existing customer, we thank you for your business and look forward to continuing to earn your ongoing business. If you are not a current customer, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to you why Fossilcote Limited is the leader in Epoxy floor repair and installation.

south Africa pic 2

Image : Craig Robertson on the front, and standing behind him in red is Kaylin

Please feel free to check out all our hard-working and experienced professionals. We’re lucky enough to have some of the best floor installation specialists. Fossilcote floor installation team is often used in subcontracting agreements where we lease both workforce and equipment to the main contractor of any particular job.

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Surface Floor Specification and Benchmarks

A critical step in a successful industrial flooring installation is the right surface condition specifications prior to the application of the flooring system. The long life of your new floor depends on it. By preparing the surface with the right amount of profile, we can ensure a proper bond of the coatings to the substrate, extending your floor’s strength, durability and beauty.


Surface Solutions consider a number of factors when determining the type of surface preparation required for the installation of your industrial flooring. Floor Specifications should include time schedules and acceptable levels of noise and dust. Is there time in the schedule for concrete to dry to the required moisture level if water is being used in the cleaning process? Other specifications may include how uniform, clean, rough, and what strength the concrete substrate should before a coating or overlay installation. If the specifications don’t cover these issues, make sure they get covered. If testing is required, the types of tests should be incorporated into the specifications.


Proposals for surface preparation specifications should clearly spell out cleaning methods, profiling method, and surface defect repair procedures.Our job specifications for surface preparation state the surface should be sound, free from surface defects dry, and clean. It is important that the job specifications, the coatings or overlay specifications, and the expectations of the architect and or project engineer are in alignment.

All of us in construction are familiar with the “I did it per the specs” excuse. It is when the job has gone awry and a reason must be found as to why, so begins the blame game. The problem is often the job specifications and the product specifications do not coincide.

Property managers, and designers will start at the end, considering the desired result and ask”, what is the end result of the new floor we are looking for“? Fossilcote reviews their reputable products that will produce that result, and then write the specifications following the product manufacturers instructions for installation and considering the job conditions. The above is not an easy task, but it beats the blame game that occurs when it is not done.

Fossilcote Limited, a respected manufacturer of Resinous flooring and Niche Cementitious coatings, has expanded its Market share therefore increased its factory operations in South Africa. Fossilcote is ever increasing in popularity for its resinous flooring systems and cementitious coatings. The company has its footprints in many parts of Africa, but boast operations is SA, Kenya, EAC. Furthermore, Fossilcote have extended their major operations to the great South Africa, SADC, West Africa, North Africa and East African countries. Recently, Fossilcote South Africa operations has been nominated for major tenders with construction contractors and their accredited application A-team have already embarked on these projects.

With today’s compressed construction and facility renovation schedules, time is minimal and because of rapid installations, clients have increased their demand of Fossilcote supply and apply. Fossilcote has increased the size of its premises in South Africa to be able to hoard their huge supply of products in a relatively larger space.

By extending their operations and increasing premise size in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, Fossilcote stands to benefit immensely in tapping into the influential African Market increasing their footprint in the greater Africa.

craisouth Africa pic 2

img 3

Images: TOP LEFT: Craig Robertson (BDD), TOP RIGHT: Kaylin Team, BOTTOM: Fossilcote Application A-Team.

When asked about the company’s business vision, Craig Robertson, Fossilcote Business Development Director vivaciously stated, “Our aim is to provide quality innovated products that fit in the purpose of our client needs. We aim to continue innovating and delivering the best quality high-performance flooring and niche cementitious coating solutions that can be installed in the most efficient, rapid and competitive manner possible.”

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What makes Epoxy popular

Epoxy floor has major operational advantages for industries. The smooth and seamless surface  makes it ideal for the movement of forklift trucks and other vehicles that are shifting heavy loads on a continuous basis. Also the seamless structure makes this floor easier for cleaning and does not allow the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.


Self-leveling epoxy floor also provides a very aesthetic appeal since the glossy seamless look makes the space look bigger and far more attractive.This  is why architects love them and often specify them for commercial and retail spaces.

Do you have any questions on self leveling  Epoxy floors? Please leave a comment below and lets see if we can  help answer them. And if you enjoyed this article please take a moment to share or like the article.

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Meet Walter Haudo, Managing Director of Kenya Fossilcote Limited, a resinous flooring and wall coatings company. Together with Craig Robertson (BDD), Walter has been at the helm of Fossilcote for a couple of years now, offering a range of services including floor preparation, floor grinding, floor stripping, floor blasting and floor installation for the construction industry. From industrial firms to smaller SMEs and residential abodes, Fossilcote has delighted customers with innovative floor installation solutions. This is why the company is widely recognized as the leader in floor installation challenges.

During an interview with financial consultants, Walter revealed how business growth has been achieved, thanks to efficiency, investment and targeting the right clients.


Image: Walter Haudo (left) and Craig Robertson (right) during the Nairobi Afmass

Here are some of the interview highlights:

Key objectives & turnover
“Fossilcote Limited has achieved its financial annual turnover and increased its staff  together with expanding its mentorship programme. Our key objectives for the short term is to create a more efficient business, by focusing on capitalizing on more advanced technology and adding to our logistic services. This speeds up service delivery and efficiency adding to the bottom line.

Based upon Fossilcote KPIs, we were able to assess our progress and hereby ensured everyone’s goal oriented.   

Fossilcote’s ETHOS brings about the spirit of comradeship in our people, it’s not only about finding those with the right experience and skill set but nurturing entrepreneurship. They are committed to extracting the best out of brilliant minds by providing the precise platform for expansion and development.

With a focus on relevant target markets and end-user in mind, their product basket being diverse allows them the choices deserved for their special requirements, considering them privileged to be acquainted with the correct players and networks in the industries they serve.Fossilcote equally Content to have partnership with local and international market share holders.

As well as efficiency procedures, Fossilcote have ensured they kept abreast of the latest technology and equipment to enable them to confront some of the venerable difficulties their clients face. It’s all about balance because at the end of the day, you need to be able to fund development and growth.

Fossilcote severely scrutinize their business performance very prudently, working with partners to increase their market share and footprint in Africa. Having already expanded their operations to enable them reach out to other parts of Africa.

If you would like more information about Fossilcote, please contact their marketing team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +254797367745.

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