Fossilscreed SL

Self-leveling polyurethane floor coating of 2-3mm thick with a matte finish and outstanding resistant to chemicals


Fossilscreed MF

Self-leveling polyurethane floor coating of 4mm thick suitable for moderate duty floor of compressive strength, non-slip suitable and high abrasion resistant


Fossilscreed RT

5-6mm polyurethane coating for Heavy duty floor, applied using rake and trowel


Fossilscreed HF

Polyurethane floor coating of 6-9mm suitable for wet processing areas


Fossilscreed WR

Vertically applied between 2-5mm coving material made up of polyurethane


Fossilscreed UT

Ultra-tough polyurethane floor coating that is non-slip suitable for slippery and damp environments


Fossilcreed Lockcoat

Impervious sealant for WR or restoration of polyscreed screeds


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