Scratch Plaster

Fossilcote scratch plaster is cementitious paint that has a thickness of 1mm-6mm. Scratch plaster is made of hydrophobic polymers that makes it water repellant. It is also made up of inorganic materials that are resistant to UV degradation.

Scratch plaster contains Portland cement as the main binding agent, it contains polymers and adhesives to enhance bonding on pre- painted surfaces it also has repellant chemicals to restrict the ingress of water.

Scratch plaster has several advantages: It does not allow moisture to pass beyond the coating itself since it wets from the back, scratch plaster do not crack or peel when water gets behind the film. Scratch plaster is composed of inorganic elements only and hence not affected by UV degradation.

Scratch plaster is suitable for use on unpainted cement render, bagged brickwork, concrete, masonry blocks, common bricks, sandstone and other absorbent buildings stones.  It is applied by trowel.

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